Digital Marketing Services

Everyday we ask ourselves, is my business really growing? How do I know for sure that I'm reaching the right people at the right time? These questions and many others plague the Small Business Owner as they strive to make their mark on the community they serve. And given that digital marketing is the standard practice to generate leads and complete more sales, the primary question you want to answer is ... "is what I'm doing effective enough?"

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should be the fundamental elements of any business owners digital marketing strategy. They serve as the bi-directional approach to drive traffic to your website ... SEO driving traffic to you by having relevant content on your website, and SEM driving traffic from your specifically placed advertisements.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to rank high from an organic search, you have to earn it. Simply stuffing 'keywords' into the content of your web pages will no longer get you to the top of the results page. Search engines are aware of the practice, and if detected, you could potentially decrease rankings instead.

Web sites today are required to demonstrate credibility and authority. It requires content that is engaging, and that you have trustworthy link partners. It means that you've done extensive research on your competition and your target market. And all of this takes time, energy and expertise.

Allonsy Solutions helps its clients boost their page ranking by being aware of the alogirithmic factors used by search engines to generate the ranking. Keep in mind that 200+ factors are used as part of the ranking process. This means that the team must continueally monitor these factors that the changing algorithm places value on. And by working to improve them on a clients web site, they are able to improve the websites rankings.

When search engines trust your site, your ranking will increase, traffic goes up, and that results in greater sales. But all of that takes more than just looking at your web sites page ranking. The Allonsy Solutions team will develop an optimization plan which includes understanding your business, evaluating your competitors, conducting a website audit, performing keyword research, executing on-page and / or on-site optimizations, and conducting link building and off-page optimizations.


Content Marketing

You know your business, you understand who your customers are, and you have a message to send. But getting that message across, or even recognized for that matter is no easy task. Nor is it as simple as it use to be. Content marketing these days involves far more than the right words. It requires the creation and sharing of online material in the form of such things as videos, blogs and social media posts. All of these collectively intended to stimulate interest in your products or services over time.


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has become the best advertsising bet for a quick Return On Investment (ROI). Most channels require a significant amount of lead to yield an ROI. The are other channels that yield quick results, but not on a day-over-day basis. However with social media advertising you have the potential of consistent sales coming in from the first day your website goes live.

The Allonsy Solutions team will help explain the most applicable social media platforms, and implement the advanced tactics and processes for focusing your campaign and measuring its progress.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Google Ads is the single most popular PPC advertising system in place. The Ads platform enables business to create ads that appear on Googles Search Engine Results Pages. Conducting your PPC marketing is particulary valuable, however the process itself can be daunting and overwhelming to the newcomer. And for a small business owner, the time and experience that needs to be invested to be successfull can be more that expected.

The Allonsy Solutions team provides the needed expertise to identify, create and manage your new campaigns. Regular management and continuous analysis of the campaigns performance is included within our PPC Management services. We adjust and optimize your campaigns using a host of keyword types, and refine landing pages to align with individual search queries in order to boost conversion rates.

Public Relations

Public Relations shares a common objective with SEO and Content Marketing, namely to put the right content in front of the right audience and the right time. In fact, Public Relations and SEO cross paths quite often when an earned-media placement (i.e. PPC) ends up linking to your website. As we all know, search engines like links, but they also want links that reflect a human's judgement that each link is an indication of value to users.

Understanding the overall SEO health of your website is a crucial step in the Public Relations process. The Allonsy Solutions team can perform an SEO audit in order to recommended which sites to consider using for public relations and/or content marketing to increase awareness and traffic from search engines.

Reputation Management

Reputation management uses SEO principles to improve your sites online reputation. In doing so, SEO strategies curate search results to provide the most positive first impression of your business. And like SEO, search engine reputation management services focus on the first pagee of Google results. However, it also requires the results to go deeper into the Search Engine Results Pages.

The Allonsy Solutions team understands the use of proper white hat SEO techniques to obtain the desired results. Our sustainable program uses high-quality content, user-friendly website recommendations, trustworthy and transparent inbound links. The techniques the team uses are designed to layer on top of our other strategies, including public relations, social media management, and review maintenance.